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Her father had beat her home for once, and he inquired politely as to where she’d been. “You’re really making friends fast.” You don’t know the half of it, thought Lexi. She went out with him a week ago and had ended up giving him a hand job!

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He was - how could we describe that feeling - anxious and excited at the same time. Daniel had found this note under his door, “Meet me at our place, tomorrow, 2 p.m., Rich”.

He really cou… Read more Hello my name is Deepa and I live in Delhi. I often used to read adult stories on the internet while living alone, especially the fetish, which made my pussy horny and I used to finger it and calm it down, one day at night when I would go to piss, my eye went down to the lobby, in front of the TV light in the dark house, Mom was sucking Daddy's dick, and Daddy was also licking her pussy, seeing this my pussy came in a panic, and I was anxious to pee, I ran into the washroom quickly, but before reaching the commode, I passed my urine in the my low… Read more This is a pure fantasy that I developed many years ago and concerns what some might consider i****t…

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