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How embarrassing would it be if the packaging were to feature specific branding?The same goes when it comes to billing – you probably won’t want your order to show up in your bank statements.And with that belief, a massive industry has arisen, to cater for our sexual desires and help make sex as comfortable and pleasurably as it possibly could be.Alongside this is the online dating community, has proven to be can be an excellent and effective way the right partner to share our love and sex lives.

Sex and relationships is an integral and vital aspect of humanity; without it we would become extinct as a species.

Now there will be another green button, click it to be taken to the retailer’s website.

Now go shopping - fill your basket will all the goodies you want to buy.

For these reasons, most adult merchants ship their products in plain, unbranded packaging materials and bill using an inconspicuous company name.

If you are concerned about this, please ensure you check the company’s policy regarding these matters before you complete your purchase. The most important piece of advice anyone can give you regarding internet dating would be to never give away your contact details.

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