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Both that hack and others in the adult industry, such as the 2015 Ashley Madison breach that exposed data from about 36 million users, pale in comparison to the scale of the latest alleged Friend Finder Networks data dump.

In fact, if Leaked Source is correct, only the massive Yahoo data breach disclosed in September, which hit more than half a billion accounts, exposed more user accounts.

Furthermore, Leaked Source was able to determine that a notable number of users had an email in the form of ‘[email protected]’, a clear indicator that the user associated with the account sought to delete the account, while Adult Friend Finder tagged these to-be-deleted accounts with “@” A mammoth 16,766,727 so-called deleted accounts were discovered in total. The websites that have been targeted, along with the number of compromised user accounts.

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While the researcher followed up the public reveal of the vulnerabilities with a post noting that the issue was resolved, the reality could not have been starker.The news first came to light via Leaked Source, a so-called “breach notification site”.It warned of significant attacks — not just to Adult Friend Finder accounts but also those of its sister sites.The incident itself is likely to have occurred before October 20, 2016 with the last login timestamps for user accounts occur on October 17.As the publication reports, one researcher identified the LFI flaw and warned Adult Friend Finder about the vulnerability.Friend Finder Networks, the parent company behind the likes of Adult Friend Finder, Cams, Penthouse, i Cams and Stripshow has been hacked, with six databases from the company compromised, according to breach notification website Leaked Source.A Local File Inclusion (LFI) exploit was all it took for server breaches that led to a mammoth 412,214,295 user-accounts’ credentials to leak online."[W]e are waiting on Friend Finder to give us a detailed account of the scope of the breach and their remedial actions in regard to our data," Penthouse Global Media chief executive Kelly Holland said in an emailed statement.The previous Friend Finder Network breach came to light in May 2015 and affected 3.5 million accounts.Unlike Friend Finder Networks, Yahoo is a mainstream service.“Immediately upon learning this information, we took several steps to review the situation and bring in the right external partners to support our investigation,” a statement issued over the weekend reads.

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