Good places to fuck

If you find a good venue, it can be a spooky but sexy place to get it on.

I personally know at least three people who popped their exhibitionism cherries at a local mall, which means that this remains one of the best places to have sex in public.

Be forewarned—this is a pretty easy way to be busted and if you're caught, people will judge the fuck out of you.

This was a favorite of mine back in my teenage years, and it's great for people who want high risk fun and are capable of keeping it discreet. People are going to ask questions if they see you sit on his lap during the movie.

Contrary to popular belief, the beach is not one of the best places for public sex. Less sand, just as much nature, and no awkwardly fishy smell that can't be discerned from crotchal smells.

There's a lot of sand that can get into places where you don't want to have sand in. Almost every area has a woodsy, secluded place where you can get the full range of motion.

That being said, Alanis Morisette pointed it out—not everyone will be the type of person to go down on you in a theater.The shower can be difficult for sex because it can dry things out.Instead, do it doggy style up against the bathroom sink.It's important to remember that public sex is a felony offense in most states, and it can get you branded as a sex offender if you're unlucky.That being said, abandoned buildings are a good option if you want to have sex in public without being caught.The space is pretty tight, and you will probably need to find an abandoned parking lot to get it on.If you're skillful at it and have a roomy car or a flatbed truck, car sex can be pretty enjoyable.I mean, come on, having sex on the kitchen counter shouldn't just be a thing that happens in movies.Here are seven places you could have sex in your home, aside from your boring AF bedroom: Ah, the bathroom. And no, I'm not talking about doing it in the shower!Having sex against the front door pretty much guarantees at least one person will hear you guys getting it on when they walk by your apartment. Just make sure you guys don't get why it's called a "shag" rug? If you're fortunate enough to have space for a bar area in your home, you can get all kinky up on the counter. If you're feeling extra adventurous, maybe even have a shot of Jame-O in the middle of it all. When I was in high school, my then-boyfriend and I were too young to have sex in a hotel room. That was a sticky situation, and it's why I still get very skittish about public sex—even though I'm an exhibitionist.

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