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With non-stop progressing technical improvements in the sphere of web development, video backgrounds for web pages aren’t seen as a great challenge anymore.As well as the integration of diverse video content into the web layouts.The color also works as a way to unite the company logo, tagline, and CTA button into one harmonic system of the layout.Many examples in this post feature another popular trend of this year: the transparent background for navigation elements.Another trend winning more and more positions on a wide variety of websites is full-screen background images.These can be all types of visuals: photos, illustrations, abstract compositions or specially rendered visualizations.It can be explained, perhaps, with the higher flexibility of illustrations for user experience design goals.

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What’s more, design approaches now demonstrate deeper care about text content itself and its integration into the layout.For the recent year, the integration of various 3D graphics into mobile and web interfaces has demonstrated the rocketing growth. What’s more, many designers move from static images to 3D animation to make webpages and app screens even more dynamic and engaging.Creating this kind of graphics is quite a challenge that requires specific skills and artistic eye; also, it’s time-consuming.Some fresh trends are just taking their positions while the others have already solidly established themselves and got new faces this year.As usual, the article is packed with examples by our studio designers.Bold and catchy typography as a crucial part of any design concept continues to keep its high presence in web and mobile layouts.It’s even hard to call it a trend as it should be seen as a default and vital part of the UI design process.The approach makes the screens visually and emotionally appealing as well as informative, as the image instantly captures users’ attention much faster this way.Also, it supports the feeling of the integrity of all the layout elements.However, it requires much skill and effort to find the right contrast and hierarchy of elements and integrate the navigation and text content properly so that the page wouldn’t turn into the illegible mess.The website of the company selling hot-air balloon rides uses full-screen theme images as an impressive and catchy background and adds dynamic and the feeling of flight with slight unobtrusive animation.

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