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What kinds of implications does this have on applicants?The purpose of this workshop will be to introduce participants to the concept of ableism, and create a new framework in which to view disability.The purpose of this workshop will be to inform the public about how the job skills bank can assist them in obtaining meaningful employment.This workshop will walk participants the job skills bank application process, discuss next steps for applicants, and inform participants about how the Department of Civil Rights can assist them.The purpose of this workshop will be to review types of adverse actions related to an individual’s homelessness status and/or physical appearance which can constitute discrimination.This training will discuss individual rights and responsibilities, as well as best practices for library employees.MADISON, CT — There are five sex offenders living in Madison as of October 2019, according to the Connecticut Sex Offender Registry.More than half of rape/sexual assault incidents happen within a mile of the victim's home, according to the United States Department of Justice.

This training will discuss employer/employee/applicant rights and responsibilities, as well as best practices for employers.

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Build stronger relationships with community organizations and increase awareness surrounding the extensive rights protected by the municipalities.

Through an informative workshop session with the Equal Opportunities Division’s in-house staff, you the respected community partner will receive the most up-to-date information about Civil Rights and Equal Opportunities while learning the process of supporting your clients/community members who wish to take a stand against discrimination and file a complaint with the Equal Opportunities Division.

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