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But I also knew I would deeply miss the ones who couldn't make it.(Henig, 11/28) The Washington Post: Doctors In China Found Tapeworms In Brain Of Man Who Ate Undercooked Meat In Hot Pot A Chinese man sought medical attention for seizures and a headache that lasted nearly a month.Doctors found that tapeworms from undercooked meat were causing his pain.

(Herman, 11/29) NPR: Give Thanks For Adult Siblings And The Ties That Bind We didn't expect to need the card table for spillover seating at this year's Thanksgiving dinner.

Typically, that involved little more than checking a box agreeing to follow the rules.

occurred through, it seems likely that the screens do good.

(Grady, 11/27) The Wall Street Journal: A Prescription Of Poetry To Help Patients Speak Their Minds Dr. The patient had asked for “Invictus,” a dark poem by William Ernest Henley that he remembered from his past.

Joshua Hauser approached the bedside of his patient, treatment in hand. It was a copy of a 19th-century poem titled “Invictus.” It isn’t often that doctors do rounds with poetry. Hauser, section chief of palliative care at the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center, and colleagues are testing it as part of a pilot study. (Reddy, 12/1) The Wall Street Journal: Diabetes Patients’ Blood-Sugar Data Aren’t Being Shared Parents of young diabetes patients say they haven’t been getting crucial readings from blood-sugar monitors worn by their children since early Saturday.

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  1. “I’m a bit disappointed in him.” You couldn’t say that Sophie, who answers someone’s infantilising come-ons with the words “Yes, daddy”, is much more sophisticated.