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As a result South West Grid for Learning, the UK Safer Internet Centre coordinators, have updated advice for schools when responding and managing a sexting incidents to help schools assess and decide whether a sexting incident should be reported to the police.If you would like further help or advice then our Professionals Online Safety Helpline is open from Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm on 08 or via email at [email protected] Download the guidance With Friends Like These - film from the South West Grid for Learning A film depicting a real life scenario where a sexting image is shared with a trusted friend and then ends up shared around the school, getting out of control.Follow our instructions below or find more information at the Snapchat website.Make a report If you receive an abusive or worrying message.If someone doesn’t listen or you don’t feel able to, it can help to talk to us.When you’re under 18 it’s against the law to send nudes or sexual videos of you to anyone else. You can get in trouble if you threaten to share a nude, even if you don’t actually do it.

View the film Exposed - film from CEOP A film about the story of a 15-year old girl who sends a photo to her boyfriend.Obviously, it’s important to explain to younger children that if taking, sending and receiving sexual or naked pictures is strictly for grown-ups, and if they receive or are encouraged to send them, it could lead to harmful situations such as stalking, abuse or blackmail. The UK Safer Internet Centre has developed two resources that provide advice and guidance to help young people consider the consequences of posting sexting images online and what they can do if they find themselves in a position where they have lost control of their images.It can help to take a screenshot so you’ve got a record.The person who messaged you will see if you’ve taken a screenshot, so it’s important to think about how they might react if they knew.It can also be against the law to threaten to share someone’s nudes or videos.Snaps automatically disappear once the person you sent them to has seen them. That means that they'll have a copy of the photo even after Snapchat deletes it.Sexting includes: If you’ve been threatened or you’ve had images of you shared it can have a big effect on you.Some young people feel guilty, worried or even ashamed of what happened. Nobody ever has the right to share images of you without your consent.It could be a picture of you, but sometimes people send pictures and videos of other people.Messages could be to a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or someone online.

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