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If you looking for escort well its for you, but If u looking for someone to have a nice date and have a friendship/relationship with, STAY AWAY!!! It's a fake site, you waste your time making a profile and they do not really activate it-no one sees it except you UNTIL you sent them money.

Then if you report it to other users they delete your account.

He will play you and make you believe he wants marriage but really all he wants is ass I was setup account last week, I always real person photo & real information about my life, I tried get new real girlfriend in UK area but they too many scammers & fake profiles that stolen pictures from owner websites & some porn sites.

The PET game is flawed; it has about 400 members that are obsessive about being at the top.... Moreover, TAGGED rules benifit the crazy people and the war...I can't get real girlfriend they lots of scammers & scam & fake profiles from Ghana & Nigeria in Africa & few in Russia. Always scammers fake profile post pictures on status that why I always checked dragged pictures into Google Images easily to see if lots of link website that mean stolen pictures from owner then setup fake profile stay away romance scam by Ghana & Nigeria, if see no other link websites that mean real person no stolen pictures.I'm strongly keep fighting all scammers & fakes profiles. I know how he is because he emotionally and verbally abused me. Women, DON' T give Jesse M, 25 years old in Flossmoor, IL the time of day. " data-username="Porsha  N." data-message-link="" data-message-title="Send a message to Porsha N." data-details="Photo uploaded on 3/3/19" data-photo-url="/reviews/tagged.com#photo_99832" data-browse-link="/photos/tagged.com" data-browse-text="Browse all Tagged photos" They keep snatching my account because I am exposing these disrespectful men and sexual offenders they constantly messaging me inappropriate pictures disrespectful then soon as you post on their feed they demonetize you and shut your account down because they are not doing their job then you go to feed they have solicitation of prostitution from trannys and women just a lot of mess I will be posting pics of my experience and to show the truth the users i've seen on this site varies city to city but in Atlanta i've had an hard time meeting decent women.Tagged deleted my account after been on the site for over a year. I make skins at these 2 web sites and my skins are very popular and this one member is very jealous of that..i get more users than her and it drives her completely insane.copies my work and puts her name on it, and harrasses and bullies me so bad.hacks into my profile and deletes my work or she writes what she wants on my profile..I had over 80,000 in favorites and 2 million in diamonds. thing is she hacks into the hi5 and Tagged software and does what she wants.even has gone as far as deleting me and sends me warnings from the hi5 and tagged site..i know its her because its at times im trying to post a skin or when im making one.knows when i make skins and she knows where im at.actually taken my skin out of my profile.has gone on for almost 4 years.can she keep getting away with it?i think i know what she means ..i reviewed of times but only my latest review showed up...another review of same site seems to archive any previous reviews of same site..searching tagged on te search button here If you have been OFF LINE for more than 3 months...they say "3 months ago" yes, proper English translation should be "More than 3 months ago" Obviously Tagged does this to look like there are many pets...This is your winning number: #65-33-41 you are advice to quickly contact TAGGED customer care via "*****@yahoo.com" I complain yet they still appear Met a dude from Illinois he cheated on me and seems to only like going after women who are in their early 20s and he is 43 going on 44.His name is Jeremy he is from Zion Illinois, when you see his picture he is a white dude, has short gray hair, glasses and is wearing a blue shirt.I dont leave there because i like making skins and i will not let her chase me away Please beware of scammer from Jamaica his name is Mario Pennant AKA Fresh or trouble he scams women out of money saying he is dying and can't feed his kid...he's been sent thousands of dollars yet keeps scamming ...

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